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Superintendent Shepherd announces State of VISD

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The focus of Victoria Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon was Victoria Independent School District Superintendent Quintin Shepherd. 

Enrollment in the district has leveled out since Harvey but the district was expecting the numbers would be lower, instead, the numbers are on the rise.

The economically disadvantaged student enrollment is up and homeless student enrollment doubled since the storm. 

 "Enrollment has mostly steadied off, we are down a little bit but not nearly as much as I think maybe we had initially expected we were going to be. Enrollment has held steady for VISD," Shepherd said.

Enrollment numbers play a major role in funding for the school district. Increasing overall attendance by one half percent, the revenue generated would equal more than four hundred thousand dollars. 

"If your child is really not sick send them to school. I mean these days of letting kids stay home for mental health days or just staying home so that they can stay home, we need to put a stop to that because it means real money to the school district and what that means is it's less of an ask to the taxpayers in time," Shepherd said.

Enrollment in advanced placement and pre-advanced placement classes nearly doubled since 2017. Shepherd continues to work with Victoria College and UHV to give students the best opportunities to succeed.  

"We look to both the students their parents and our teachers what types of courses can we offer and should we offer and continue to challenge our students in the most appropriate way," Shepherd said.

Keeping the community informed is a top priority for Shepherd and he said he is looking forward to the future of VISD.
 "We are trying to be as transparent and communicative as possible with the community and we are really really excited about what comes next," Shepherd said.

He is also urging members of the community to share their thoughts about VISD through their online Thought Exchange. The Thought Exchange closes on Sunday the 16th.

Here are the links:

my.thoughtexchange.com/#538400017 (English)

my.thoughtexchange.com/?lang=es#538400017 (Spanish)

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