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Suspect in Magnolia Beach stand off identified

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Update 9/6/18- Chief Deputy Johnny Krause from the Calhoun County Sheriff's office tells us that "the suspect Christopher Hodges died just after 3am." 

He says that the Texas Rangers are still investigating the incident and will be on scene again tomorrow.

The Texas Rangers will be the ones to release more information when it becomes available.

Previous reporting 

Update 9/4/18- The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office is releasing an official statement regarding an incident in the county Monday, September 3. Port Lavaca Police and Department of Public Safety officers were involved in a pursuit with a vehicle Monday afternoon. The operator of the vehicle refused to stop, and made his way to the Magnolia and Alamo Beach area and locked himself in his residence. Officers from several area agencies arrived at the scene.

The male subject was engaged by a negotiator in an attempt to resolve the situation. After hours of negotiations, the male subject exited the residence with a firearm and engaged the officers. He was shot and taken to a Corpus Christi Hospital by helicopter.

At the time of this post, the subject is being treated by physicians, according to the latest information from DPS. The Texas Rangers have been called in immediately and are investigating the incident.

Original Report 9/3/18:

DPS and Magnolia Beach residents say there is a stand off going on between the Calhoun County Sheriff's office and a suspect. The stand off has been going on for about an hour. A Victoria County Sheriff's Office SWAT truck is on scene

Residents say the suspect got into a high speed chase with deputies and then ended at a trailer. Eight officers were surrounding the mobile home.

DPS, Calhoun County Sheriff's deputies, Seadrift Police, and the Victoria County Sheriff's deputies are all on scene.

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