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One Resident Looking To Bring Solar Into the Crossroads

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In August 2003, the Northeastern United States and Canada experienced a blackout. A total of 50 million people lost power. As a result, a joint task force between the United States and Canada discovered ways to find alternative energy sources. Ten years later, the American Renewable Energy and Efficiency Act was passed. The act created huge benefits for consumers and protections for the environment.

Thomas Rendon with Sweetwater Energy Services is trying to bring awareness of the benefits of solar to businesses in the area.  "If you install solar panels, the value goes up on the property but your taxes wont," said Rendon.

Solar panels are not ideal for every business. "it has plenty roof access that is going to face the south that allows the sun to hit it and very little shade," said Rendon. Solar panels are efficient in Texas because of climate and the amount sun we see in this part of the country. " The weather here is great. It is mostly sunny. It is very warm," said Rendon. 

According to Energysage.com, the price of solar decreased by more than 70 percent in the last decade.  Rendon says since solar prices are going down the cost is becoming more feasible for businesses to switch to solar. "The cost has gone down close to seventy five percent of what they were ten years ago. With today's pricing on what solar cost it is very affordable."

Warrior Supply in Victoria decided to go solar after taking a closer look at the benefits from government tax credits. The switch will save $450,000. " The extra money can be used for projects and employee bonuses," said Warrior Supply Co Owner Brent Goyen. 

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