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VPD Reports Increase in Tailgate Theft

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With car burglaries increasing in the summer, Victoria Police Department wants to warn everyone of a particular hot item criminals are going after.

VPD has seen an increase in cases of tailgate theft. Senior Police Officer John Turner advises truck owners with some tips to avoid becoming a victim.

"It doesn't take any tools to remove a tailgate, it only takes about a minute to do it. What we want to do is make it more difficult for a criminal to make you a victim”

VPD suggests applying a lock on the tailgate or using a hose clamp to make the dismantling more difficult.

Tailgate locks can range in price, but on average will cost you about $20. A hose clamp is $1 and can prevent a thief from taking your tailgate. 

“You have created a deterrent- is it perfect? No. But if it discourages a criminal enough to abandon this particular tailgate to one that’s less secure you’re better off,” adds officer Turner.

VPD warned residents through their Facebook page stating the following:

"Tailgate Thefts And A $1 Deterrent

Recently we’ve had a rash of truck tailgate thefts. If you own a truck and your truck has a tailgate, all it takes is a small investment in time and cash to make your vehicle a little more secure.

For about 20 bucks, you can purchase a commercially made tailgate lock online or from your local auto parts store or, for about a dollar, you can buy a hose clamp.

By attaching a hose clamp to the hinge on your tailgate, you make it a bit more difficult to steal.

Is it the perfect solution? No. But, it is something and a little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing.

A locked garage is the safest place for your vehicle but if that’s not an option, park in a well-lit area preferably off of the street, use additional security devices and report any suspicious activity.

Make your vehicle a hard target for thieves.


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