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UHV partner with Victoria County to apply for kidney disease prevention funding

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The University of Houston-Victoria is partnering with Victoria County Public Health to apply for funding for a new kidney disease prevention program. 

The University accepted a Memorandum of Understanding from county officials Monday morning, strengthening their chances of winning the grant funding.  The program aims at lowering Victoria County's high blood pressure and diabetes issue, two major factors of chronic kidney disease. 

"What we want to do in Victoria County is really be able to address those conditions which cause life long chronic conditions. And, our hope is that we will prevent those things by identifying the risk factors early enough in the process to essentially keep people out of the emergency room." explained Director of Public Health, Derrick Neal.

According to the Public Health Department, the program, "will include a fitness/physical activity component, monthly blood pressure/glucose readings, an education component related to healthy living and stress management. Bi-weekly educational sessions, comprised of a nutritional segment and a health education segment will be held for participants. Participants will also be provided with physical activity regimens.

Participants will provide weekly tracking sheets of their activities. These will be evaluated against initial screenings. Participants will also receive pre and post-tests to assess their healthy behaviors. Data will be evaluated to determine if effective changes occurred throughout the program."

Neal says the University should find out if they're awarded the grant funding by mid to late August.

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