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Marq Perez Trial Update

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Attorney of accused Marq Perez has filed a request for a gag order, meaning attorney Mark Di Carlo looks for this case to no longer be discussed in public.
This order request filed on June 5th details that the scheduled date for the mosque to reopen would be in July of 2018, a date that coincides with the trial of Marq Perez. Concerns rise that this event may cause prejudicial publicity that may prevent a fair trial of the defendant.

The gag order, if passed would not allow witnesses to publicly comment or speak of the opening of the newly rebuilt mosque of the Victoria Islamic Center until after the trial is concluded. Part of the request reads as follows:

United States of America Vs. Marq Vincent Perez

1. The Defendant notified the court at the last pre-trial on April 12, 2018 that the Victoria Islamic Center was scheduled to open in July; And, that it appeared to purposefully coincide with the trial or Marq Vincent Perez in July.

2. The Court appeared concerned about the course of events ans appeared concerned about the possibility of prejudicial preventing a fair trail of Defendant in Victoria, Texas.

Attorney Mark Di Carlo adds that hopes the jury listens closely to the evidence and that facts be reported truthfully by news media and hopes for a just resolution.
Abe Ajrami of Victoria Islamic Center who is a designated witness responded in a statement saying they are not too worried about this motion as the completion date will more than like be until August, after the trial is set to be completed. The mosque which is still under construction has a delayed completion date, the reason the Victoria Islamic Center thinks this request is not needed. 


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