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Victoria Health Department spread Zika awareness

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Temperatures outside are increasing and we finally have some significant rainfall in the forecast but with the rain comes the mosquitos.
Newscenter 25's David Gibson tells how you can protect yourself from diseases that come with these biting pests.
The Victoria Health Department is spreading awareness about the Zika virus.
The zika virus is spread through mosquito bites
Zika is common in the tropics of Africa, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean Islands, Central and South America.
Since 2015 Texas has seen 381 cases and as of this year we have seen 3.
Because of this health department wants you to be very cautious when traveling to those affected areas
They are offering tips to prevent zika that include  wearing regulated mosquito spray, cover all your skin and eliminating all standing water.
If you suspect you have been affected by zika, the symptoms might include fever, rash, joint pain, and red or pink eyes, however about 80 percent of people with zika do not become ill or have symptoms.
There is no cure for the zika virus.
"There also is no vaccine to prevent zika, the best option you can always have is to prevent an infection before it ever happens, that is using anything to protect yourself from zika if you work outside, if you're a pregnant women, or if you are traveling those, prevent the infection before you ever even get it," adds Brittany Burgess, Epidemiologist.
The health department says if you feel like you have come in contact with the zika virus or you're worried to consult your doctor.
For more information on Zika you can go to the CDC website or Texas Zika.
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