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Victoria Police seize 40 lbs. of marijuana

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During a traffic stop June 12th, the Victoria Police Department found a suitcase with ten large bundles of marijuana. It happened in the 300 block of E. Warren St. The vehicle was a white GMC Sierra. The drugs were found in the back seat wrapped several times with vacuum sealed plastic wrap, duct taped with axle grease smeared on them to mask the odor. The marijuana weight 40.25 lbs. 

Authorities arrested the driver, 42-year-old Jamie Mahan, and the passenger, 45-year-old Marvin Marshall, both of Victoria. The face Possession of Marijuana charges 5 lbs. to 50 lbs.  

In a press released the Victoria Police Department wrote: "This was a large amount of Marijuana the Victoria Police Department was able to keep off your streets!"

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