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Construction causes headache for residents

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If you drive down Highway 35 in Calhoun County around 5:00, then you might have seen the bumper to bumper traffic on the way into Port Lavaca.

Several residents have been contacting us saying there have been several accidents in the area.
Newscenter 25's Adrianna Garcia took a drive to Point Comfort to see what is causing the traffic.
Construction is the biggest factor in the traffic congestion in Calhoun County, with both the Lavaca Bay Causeway and FM 1353 under construction.

With the hustle and bustle of highway traffic after 5:00 p.m.  near the plants, the roads are already packed. Now add double construction and roadways are backed up for miles.

According to TxDot,, the construction of Highway 1353 is to widen roadway to accommodate turn lanes and signal improvements. There is not set time on when the project will finish.
I spoke to one resident who says he has to leave his house even earlier then he did before to get somewhere on time.

The big project is the Lavaca Bay Causeway construction, which is rehabilitating the bridge. Construction is causing  the lanes go from two to one, leaving residents to call the construction a headache.

There was a sheriff's deputy on the road where the construction is located.

The estimated finish date for the causeway is July 10th. 
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