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Calhoun HS Robotics Hits the World Stage

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The small town of Port Lavaca is about to make it big for the second year in a row. The Calhoun High Robotics team is about to take a journey to a world stage. 
"I feel i wouldn't be where I am today without robotics. Robotics has offered me such an experience and I'm glad that I was here all my fours years and I wouldn't trade it," said Crab Bots President Nathan Valdez. 
It takes passion and a certain skill set to be on the Calhoun High School Robotics 'Crab Bots' team.  Robotics teacher Jeff Williams says its amazing to see what these kids can create in their mind, and then see their creation come to life. 
"To see a kid start as a freshman who is totally green and clueless about everything, who has all these aspirations and don't know how to actualize it to show them a path. a lot of the kids that are motivated to be engineers, this gives them a chance to not just design something but figure how to make what they design and connect that," said Williams. 
The robotics class gives these students the tools and skills these students can take with them to college and future jobs. 
"We've got students admitted to MIT, Harvard, state schools, and we got students going straight into Formosa and DOW, and they have apprenticeship programs. they like seeing kids that have hands on experience that you don't get in school general  . this is a unique opportunity for those kids, even if they're not going to be an engineer, to learn the technical side and to learn how to operate machinery," said Williams. 
That design comes in the form of a robot. Countless hours of designing and building a robot led the team to advance to a world competition. The robotics team season begins in January, and have six weeks to design and create a robot to compete with. This is the second year the team will be competing in Houston for worlds. 
 Valdez is excited to show sandcrab pride in front of hundreds of high schools from all over the world. 
"Being able to represent a small town in a world championship is a huge thing for us, and its a blessing. I can't believe we have the skills to possibly to go into semi and quarter finals. I hope everything goes well, and that we get enough practice in so we can advance," said Valdez. 
The competition is Wednesday through Sunday in Houston. 
Click here to follow the Crab Bots and their journey to world's. 
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