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Edna Education Foundation Raises Funds

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An organization that is only one year old, has already began to make a difference for Edna Independent School District. Edna Education Foundation began their fund raising efforts with the mission "to strive to provide opportunities for excellence in education, promote innovation in teaching, and partner with the community to enhance the educational experience for all students."
Edna Educational Foundation held their first fundraiser earlier this month. Dozens of people gathered  for one common goal- raise funds for Edna teachers.
The fundraiser took place at Old KC Hall in Edna and featured dueling pianos as entertainment.
President, Shane Sklar says "this is something that came together within a few months time, but the enthusiasm is very big within the community. And i think we'll be able to do some great things for teachers within Edna Independent School District."
Individual donors, tips and ticket sales of the fund raising event raised a total of $20000- money that will be invested in Edna ISD.
Sklar explained- that sometimes with little to no financial support, teachers find themselves spending their own money, therefore $10,000 of the funds is for grants that teachers within the district will be eligible to receive. He adds, "we are doing what we can, to aid in their effort to prevent them from having to use their own dollars. We're coming together as a community, to fill a void where we can fill a void." 
Students will also get an opportunity for scholarships from the funds raised. Students in advanced placement, or otherwise known as AP courses who earn between a 3 or 5 score on testing can be eligible to receive between $300 to $500. These initiatives will be earned according to the students score. 
The Edna Education Foundation hopes to bring more opportunities so the community can help. They plan to make this benefit an annual event.
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