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Victoria County, City announce huge success for Texas Mile

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City Communications Director O.C. Garza was in attendance for the County Commissioners meeting to discuss the economic impact of the Texas Mile.

During the meeting, Garza explained how the Texas Mile turned into such a success for the City and County of Victoria. According to Garza, the Texas Mile raised over six hundred and seventy thousand dollars, the most since the event moved to Victoria. In addition, hotel occupancy for the event rose by nineteen percent over last October's Texas mile. While attendance fell just short of the record from the March 2017 Texas Mile, officials from both the county and the city were very pleased by the turn out. For County Judge Ben Zeller, the Texas Mile has been a rousing success. 

"It really is a win, win, win for all parties involved. For our community having an activity to go to. For the city and county and the additional tax revenue that is generated. And, certainly for the Texas Mile, who seem to be doing very well in Victoria with this event. So, we're happy to have it here and hope that that relationship continues." explained County Judge Zeller.

The Texas Mile will return to Victoria this year and is expected to take place this October at the Victoria Regional Airport.

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