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Auto crimes Task force comes to VPD

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The Victoria Police Department's newest force is called the Auto Crimes Task force.
Newscenter 25's David Gibson sat down with them to learn more.

"the auto crimes task force is funded by a grant through the ABTPA, which stands for Automobile Burglary Theft Prevention Authority," says Detective Jeff Parsons, Auto Crimes Task force.

The Victoria police department's auto crimes task force works to protect your vehicle.
"We do a lot of proactive type of operations such as undercover bait operations. We already have begun some bait operations here in the city. We set a lot of bait out so that if a thief is thinking about stealing something whether it be a car, utility trailer, yeti cooler, whatever it is they are not going to know from this point on if its something that belongs to a victim or belongs to us," explains Detective Parsons.

The task force went back 5 years to see how many auto related crimes happen each year in Victoria.
"From the city of Victoria over the last 5 years the average number of vehicles stolen in the city is 93...and about how many are burglarized? about 459 per year," says Detective Parsons.
One of the many ways to prevent auto crimes is to never leave your running car unattended.
"Well we need the public's help with that just a lot of common sense stuff like they need to hide their valuables if they have to leave the valuables in the vehicle, lock the car, take the keys, and be very careful about who they lend their vehicle too, make sure its someone they know well and that they can trust and that's going to bring the car back," declares Detective Parsons.
But if you happen to become a victim of an auto crime Detective Parsons tells you what to do.
"best thing to do is have all the information you possibly can about your car and have it ready. So when you make a police report, know the make, model, the color, the license plate number of your car if possible. Have the vin the vehicle identification number. And also tell the officer anything unique about your vehicle. It could be dings, scratches, bumper stickers, any after market items that maybe you," adds Detective Parsons.
The task force also spends a lot of time educating the public on how not to become a victim.
That's often done face-to-face or online through social media.
If you would like to watch their video go to VPD facebook  here
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