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Refugio remains strong despite slow recovery

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7 and a half months ago hurricane Harvey hit the crossroads,
tonight, we check in on Refugio, where they're still in recovery mode.
The city of Refugio is still recovering from Harvey. People here are still optimistic even though you can look around and still see a lot of destruction.
"We are doing fairly well I would say considering that the damage because it was torn up pretty bad. Refugio was," says Calvin Robinson, Resident.
Hurricane Harvey hit Refugio and caused massive amounts of damage.
"Millions dollars worth of damage our business and residents," adds Wanda Dukes, Mayor.

7 and half months later Mayor Wanda Dukes says the recovery process is slow.
"Well its going slowly, its what we call here a marathon but its coming a long but moving slowly," tells Dukes.

Calvin Robinson echoes Mayor Dukes. He says he's still waiting for work and repairs on his home.
" A lot of houses need to be repaired even mine here, I haven't got it repaired yet but its coming along good, real good," adds Robinson.

The city is waiting to do repairs on all city property. The volunteer fire department sustained 1.3 million dollars in damage.
They're doing some fundraisers to help pay for the cost. The support is often times overwhelming.
"People donating left and right, we cant ask anymore from our citizens that we have on good Friday," exclaims Don Pullin, Fire Chief.
The fire department is still responding to calls.
City services are still up and running even though its buildings are damaged.
Driving around Refugio, you could see piles of debris next to the roadway. So the police chief and his officers put together a clean up day on Saturday help get rid of some the remaining debris.
"We are trying to get volunteers to help to try and clean up some of the debris that's still around," says Dukes.

Through all this heartache, Refugio remains strong
"As I say we will make it. Refugio will," declares Robinson.
"Eventually you will get back into your home, it just takes time and we have to be patient," explains Dukes
If you would like to volunteer, for the cleanup day, they will meet at the police annex building at 9 am.
The lesson learned today is that its going to take time but Refugio will be back.
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