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Salvation Army rebuilding one wall at a time

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The Salvation Army is working hard to come back stronger than ever after being heavily impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
"We spent a lot of time after the hurricane helping a lot of people. We did not realize we were victims ourselves," said Major Laura Martin.
Help is exactly what the Salvation Army needs as they are trying to fix their men's shelter. No one has lived there since the hurricane seven months ago. Martin says more 90% of the walls in the building had to be torn out due to water damage.
"Many of the walls have been replaced and that shelter project will be the last one, and we are working on that. We have a contractors bid in as were working on getting it approved. As soon as we get it approved, as soon as we have the finances available, they can start on that and we can put the walls back in and we can reopen our shelter program," said Martin.
The Salvation Army is dedicated to doing the most good in Victoria. They've been doing this for 60 years. A big part of their mission is to get people off the streets.
The Salvation Army Thrift store is moving locations to Navarro Street next month, and the old location will be part of a shelter program expansion to help women for the first time in several years . But for now, Martin is looking forward to rebuilding and having four walls again.
"The first step is to the put the walls in. It doesn't have to be beautiful we just want to be comfortable. We know the hot weather is coming, and we have spent a very cold winter without walls. We want to be up and running, so that we can function properly so we can support the people of this community the best we can," said Martin.
The Salvation Army will need continued support in their journey to recovery. Monetary donations, donations of items to the thrift store, and volunteers are some of the ways you can help the local Salvation Army.
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