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DeWitt County selling signs for emergency readiness

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The Dewitt county office of emergency management is selling something to help residents in the event of an emergency.
news center 25s David Gibson spoke to the emergency management and tells us  what he learned

Houses with numbers like the one behind me are causing issues for first responders but the Dewitt County Office of Emergency Management is trying to solve that problem by selling 911 signs.

"911 addressing signs assist the first responders in finding your location in the event of an emergency.
Cyndi Smith Dewitt County Emergency Coordinator says if your address on your home isn't clear, it slows down response time in a crisis.
"It delays the first responders locating you during a critical emergency," says Smith.

Tony Campos sentiments mirror Smith's by saying he's seen first responders delayed to emergencies.
"The number on the door is too small and a couple of house they don't have it. They are looking for some number and they pass sometimes twice on the same street because the house doesn't have a number," adds Tony Campos, Resident.

The new highly reflective green address signs help first responders locate you when your address is not visible from the street.
"Actually its a way to have the first responders locate you quicker," tells Smith.

First responders have a tight window to help in the event of an emergency.
"If your loved one is down with a heart attack or a serious injury where its not visible from the outside, if you don't have proper 911 addressing where its visible from the roadway it delays first responders in locating you," declares Smith.

Richard Deases tells me these signs put his mind at ease due to his grandparents health problems.

"My grandparents being older, my grandmother has had a stroke in times past and my grandfather has had his own medical issues so I actually do see the benefit of why this would be a viable service to Dewitt County and other counties in the Crossroads," explains Richard Deases.

These signs are not just for DeWitt County residents but for anyone in the Crossroads that wants one.

The cost is 20 dollars.

Smith says if you are interested in buying one, you can contact the emergency management office. click here for more info.

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