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Goliad Seeks Grant to Expand Health Clinic

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The Goliad City Council met yesterday evening-- up for discussion--a grant application which would mean expanding the Goliad Family Practice--the only healthcare clinic in the city.
The people of Goliad are hopeful to see improvements to their single health facility.

Doug Dowler, consultant for the Economic Development Cooperation, known as the EDC, spoke to me about the grant process Goliad will be starting after a grant writer was approved at last nights meeting.
The next step for the City Council will be to submit a letter of interest to the Texas Community Development Block Grant. This grant consists of federal funds passed down to the Department of Housing and Urban Development to the state of Texas. 
Dower added that Cuero Regional Hospital will be cross participating for this matching grant that can be up to $500,000.
If the grant is approved---Goliad could use these funds to expand the local health center and add services such as OB-GYN and wellness education. Some of the wellness education will include training for diabetic patients, diet education, and post doctor visit instructions.  
William Corey, a resident of Goliad, say he is hoping to see the clinic improve he added "this town is growing leaps and bounds and its injuries and illness is not going to go away, so the better they have a clinic, the better off everybody is going to be, the citizens of Goliad County."

Goliad County will have to wait at least 60 days to hear back on whether or not an invite to apply is given. The official application must be submitted before October 1st to stay eligible. Dowler added that there are other contestants for this grant, but he's thinking positive. He says, along with other residents, that Goliad will be a top beneficiary if the grant is granted for this project.
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