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Michigan lawmakers seek action to reopen Flint water sites

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LANSING, Mich. (AP) - Two Flint-area lawmakers are urging Attorney General Bill Shuette to take immediate legal action to reverse Gov. Rick Snyder's decision to close bottled water distribution sites in the city dealing with a lead-tainted drinking water crisis.
Democratic Reps. Sheldon Neeley of Flint and Phil Phelps of Flushing wrote the Republican attorney general Thursday, urging any steps necessary against Snyder and the Department of Environmental Quality "to ensure the continued operation of these essential water points of distribution."
Snyder, declaring Flint's water system is stable, on Tuesday closed four sites where residents received free bottled water from the state. It sparked noisy protests Wednesday at the Capitol, where security officers evicted more than 50 people who invaded the House of Representatives.
Schuette is prosecuting former DEQ employees over the water crisis.

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Flint remains frustrated and families are angry after learning the state will stop providing them with free bottled water.

Water pods in Flint have already begun to run out of cases of bottled water after residents were informed they'd no longer be receiving it from the state.

Many people are also voicing their concerns about the long lines and tensions rising as the resources ran out.

We’ve just received word that the state will no longer be providing Flint residents affected by the water crisis with bottled water.

People have lined up hoping to get their share of bottled water.

This comes after rigorous testing has showed that the levels of lead in Flint’s water are well below action levels and have been that way for nearly two years.

The statement was made Friday afternoon.

The decision comes after testing has shown that the lead levels in Flint's water are well below lead action levels and have been for nearly two years.

However, many pipes still need to be replaced.

Families saying flat out: they don't trust the state and they don't believe the water is safe.

Meanwhile bottled water distribution sites have been extremely busy.

Many ran out of water yesterday and it happened again Saturday.

The line of people trying to get their water from pod at Court and Beecher has been non-stop.

Two trucks full of water were emptied before 2:30 Saturday afternoon, and a third truck was expected to make one last delivery.

Residents say the bottom line is that the bottled water is being taken away too soon.

The water pods will continue to operate until the current supply is gone.

People working the pods say judging by the huge increase in traffic here, the supply may not last through early next week.

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