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Victoria Constable faces sexual assault allegation

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Texas Rangers are investigating a Victoria County Constable after a sexual assault allegation from October 2017 was made to the Victoria County District Attorney's office.

The investigation is nearing the final stages for Victoria County Precinct 1 Constable Jesse Garza, as the Rangers are still collecting evidence from an alleged sexual assault incident.

According to Department of Public Safety Sgt. Reuben San Miguel, the Victoria District Attorney's Office received the complaint, and  requested the Texas Rangers to investigate due to a potential conflict of interest.

The truck where the alleged incident occurred was impounded for evidence, and was recently released. There is no information on where the truck was removed from, who removed it, or why it was removed.

Once the Texas Rangers receive the last piece of evidence they will present the case to a grand jury, and from there the jury will decide if charges should be brought forward.

Garza is currently the Victoria County Precinct 1 Constable, and has resumed patrol duties.

Garza responded to the allegation in the Victoria County Precinct 1 Constable Facebook page. 

"I have fully cooperated with the investigation, and until it is complete, I will not be making any comments or statements about it. "

- Victoria County Constable Jesse Garza

In the Facebook response Garza continues... 

To all those who are commenting negatively and jumping to conclusions, that is your right. I would however like to remind you that we live in America where you are innocent until proven guilty. Please understand that anyone can be accused of anything at any time, and until proven it is just simply an allegation...I will continue serving and protecting my community to the best of my ability.

-Victoria County Constable Jesse Garza

Click here to read his full response.

Potential new charges could be added after the Rangers investigation is complete.

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