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Faith Restored After Lost Bracelet Returned

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Growing up, I loved the show "What Would You Do?" If you haven't seen it, it puts regular people like you or I in a moral or ethical situation where we have to choose what path to take and our decisions are recorded on hidden camera. So let me pose the question to you all...what would you do if you found a diamond bracelet, but the owner did not know they were missing it. That exact scenario happened to Jose Santana when Brenda Cargle's diamond bracelet ended up in her laundry to be dry cleaned.

"They gave me my laundry, as well as they were like hey I found this as well," Cargle said. "And they had found my diamond bracelet in the laundry."

Brenda cannot begin to express her thanks for the integrity shown by Jose, a clerk at Splish Splash Laundromat on North Ben Wilson St.

"Oh my heart sank. I was like are you kidding me, my bracelet was in there and you actually returned my bracelet.  I just know a guardian angel was over me," Cargle expressed thankfully.

But what about the hero of this story, Jose Santana? For the 8 year laundromat veteran, returning the lost valuable was a no brainer.

"My immediate reaction was like I have to return it back," Santana said. "I guess it's something of value. I don't really know much about jewelry, but it was shiny so I assumed it was something of value. I did the right thing by returning it back to the customer, the rightful owner."

For Jose, hearing how happy Brenda was for her bracelet to be returned, was all of the thanks he needed.

"It's very very emotional, that we helped someone that was not knowing she was missing some valuable jewelry," Santana explained. "To me I feel very thankful that we were able to get it back to her."

His sentiments and thanks are mirrored by Brenda, who can barely contain her own joy in this situation that could have gone so wrong, but instead showcased the good in people.

"I would have spent days, weeks, months, and I would have destroyed my whole house looking for my bracelet. It's just fulfilled my life with blessings that there are people out there that are honest and giving. I truly had someone looking over me and I thank them so much," Cargle said with a smile across her face.

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