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College students lend helping hand to local church

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What were once walls filled with water are now filled with hope after a group of college students spent their spring break rebuilding and cleaning up a church in Bloomington.

15 UTSA students are part of a campus ministry group who chose to spend their holiday giving back to the First Assembly of God church.

This church has two buildings that were devastated by Harvey, and these students helped to clean up the mess that the hurricane left.

One student is actually from the crossroads and was excited to give back to a community so close to home.

"We're just ready to work on our Spring Break, and we thought it was the best thing to do to serve others and not ourselves. Not a lot of people can do much, but with us as a surrounding community we can do more for this town. It's awesome and a great opportunity," said UTSA Student Matthew Ramirez. 

The Tree of Life Church in Victoria helped bring these kids down here  to help a fellow church in need.

In just one day, these students helped to remove over two tons of debris from the buildings.

With the help of these students, this church is one step closer in their road to recovery. 

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