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DPS investigating fatal crash in Victoria County

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The Department of Public Safety is investigating a two-vehicle crash that left one man dead in Victoria County. 

According to DPS Trooper San Miguel on Sunday Afternoon , 41-year-old Gregory Albert Gonzalez  from Victoria was driving southbound on SW Moody St. on the inside lane, when a juvenile driver of a pick-up truck failed to yield the right of way as they were turning left out of Chaparral Street.

As the juvenile driver began to turn, Gonzalez saw her and tried to go right. That's when they hit each other's front left bumper.

Gonzalez's car spun 360 degrees and came to the center of both lanes on SW Moody Street. The pickup continued straight into a grassy median.

Gonzalez was pronounced dead at the scene.

The juvenile had no injuries, and will get a citation for failure to yield right of way. No word yet on any other punishment.

DPS is now investigating this accident. 

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