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TXDOT Plan While You Can event

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Its spring break time and last year in Texas there were 410 crashes caused by drunk drivers.
Out of that 410, 20 were fatal and 48 resulted in serious injury.

Today TX Dot held a special event in Wharton.

Spring break is a joyous time but it can also be a scary one if your not careful.

" I know last year in the Yoakum district which includes eleven counties including Wharton there were i think eleven crashes but there were no fatalities. And we kind of want to keep it at the zero fatalities, but we also want zero crashes, says Theresa Parma, Traffic Safety Specialist.

Parma says TXDOT is trying to educate people about the dangers of drinking and driving.
"We are just out here to educate people that are coming through Wharton heading down maybe to the beach or the coast, that they need to plan a sober ride home if they are going to a party that involves alcohol," adds Parma.
The way TXDOT is educating people about consuming alcohol is with a fun game of dodge ball.
"These balls are coming at the people that are playing the game and they have to dodge them. And as the game goes on more alcohol is added to their system, so we want them to understand as they consume alcohol that their reflexes, reaction time is getting a little bit slower. So we want them to realize if they are in a car driving and their under the influence that reaction time in the vehicle is going to be greatly impaired," explains Parma.
Gwynetta Hoelscher adds this game really opens your eyes on how slow your reactions become from being intoxicated.  
"Absolutely im not a drinker to begin with but this definitely shows you how it slows your reaction time," tells Gwynetta Hoelscher, Participant. 
Parma leaves the community with these lasting words.
"Have a great time for spring break but be very careful. We do not want to hear that there are any crashes this spring break. We don't want anyone to be severely injured but we want everyone to have a great time but please do it responsibly," declares Parma.
If you're going to drink this spring break please plan ahead and don't drive
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