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Potholes a growing problem in Victoria

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It's a problem pretty much everyone who gets behind the wheel has to deal with on almost every trip... Potholes.
We've all been in that situation where the rough road sneaks up on you, and you're left with a flat tire.
But what actually causes them?
Well, the areas most prone to pothole development are where drainage is poor and where traffic is greatest.
but for those thinking there is a simple solution, like just filling up the hole, that's not exactly the case... At least in terms of finance.
according to the American Society of Civil Engineers, it would take 2.7 trillion dollars to fix the highway and bridge infrastructure in the US.

Of course, Victoria is not immune to this problem.
Our David Gibson spoke to the city about this growing problem and tells what he learned.
Potholes are popping up all throughout  Victoria neighborhoods ,
I spoke to residents and the city about this growing problem.
"I think it's a disgrace to Victoria, i believe that we are a better community that we should be able to show are pride," declares Gloria Cook, Resident.
That pride is bringing in more people to Victoria but cook believes people wont move here because of the potholes.
"i think it discourages people to try and find a home when they have to fight the potholes to get to the house," adds Cook.
The city says they are working on fixing the potholes in a timely manner.
"What we would like people to do is call our pothole hotline that's 361-485-3160, and our goal is to try and fix every pothole thats been turned in within 48 hours," tells O.C Garza, Communications Director.
A resident that didn't want to be identified  says the city came and fixed potholes on his street but its not working
."Two weeks ago, when the rain come heavy you got potholes again on the road. I wish they would fix this road right.
Communications Director O.C Garza adds the city is working to make this not a reoccurring issue.
"We have a street maintenance program tries to extend the life of the streets and that certainly lessens the amount of potholes we get through the life of the street. If that continues to be funded and continues to be successful. Hopefully in the future we will see a lot less potholes that are created by weather and traffic," explains Garza.

Cook is hoping the city can get this issue fixed sooner rather than later.
"I realize that the storm did a lot of damage and it will take a lot of time to recover from that but hopefully it wont be long," says Cook.
This problem is frustrating for many reasons, mainly the money it drains.
The average yearly cost for rough roads is just under 400 dollars.
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