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UHV holds business start-up class

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The University of Houston Victoria is hosting a seminar for students hoping to become the next majorly successful entrepreneur.

UHV is helping students with dreams of becoming the next Bill Gates or Steve jobs by hosting a business seminar.

This class is teaching entrepreneurs how to capitalize on local business opportunities.
Instructor Mark Martinez says the purpose is to understand what it takes to start a business.

He says you should always start with a good business plan and once you have that then you can move forward to the next step which is to gather resources.

Martinez say take your time with start-up and growth,Because it may take a months or even years.

Martinez explains watch out for the myths about being a business owner, a few of them are you'll have more personal freedom to take vacations, you will get rich quick, and that you don't need any of your own money to start. One last myth  is that you only need a good business plan to be a successful business owner.

One student says she's nervous about starting a business but still feels it's necessary.

"Its a lot of stuff here in Victoria, if people get into it that the market really needs here. Everybody outsource to the city, so if we could get basically what you could get in the city in Victoria. We would make a lot of money here," adds Tinasha Upton, Resident.

Martinez offers some advice since the economy in Victoria is good. If you want to start a business start it but be sure you really want to start a business.

UHV offers these classes every 2 weeks and the cost is free.

if you would like more information click here.

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