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VISD Girls Basketball Bi-District Previews

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The playoffs start Tuesday night for VISD girls basketball. The West girls start the post-season as the 27-5A champions for just the third time in the program's history. The last time the Warrior girls lost a basketball game was on December 29 against Flatonia. They take a ten-game winning streak into the playoffs, and two Warrior girls talked with me about their biggest areas of improvement during district.  Said guard Taizhae Grant, "On defense we've improved the most. Game by game we've learned how to work together. Defense is the most important part we've improved on." Said guard Julie Jimenez, "Actually defensively we've improved a lot. At first it was hard but then we came together as a team and we did it. We're in first place." 
East girls basketball, keeping its string of making the playoffs alive.Tthey have made the postseason in each of their eight seasons. After a slow start, the Titan girls finished 10-4 and in third place in district. I asked two East girls how well their team is playing going into Bi-District. Said guard Imani Wimbish-Gay, "We've shown spurts of what we're capable of. But I don't think we've had it all figured out yet. To me, that's the great part. If we hit our stride in playoffs then who knows how far we go." Said guard Susie Hernandez, "We had a lot of ups and downs actually. But it was a matter of figuring out how we work together, putting all of our chemistry together. Luckily we found it and we pulled off third place." 
The Bi-district playoffs come for West and East girls basketball Tuesday night in Gonzales. West girls play Edison at 6:00, Titans vs. Lanier at 8:00.

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