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UHV Loses To Trinity and East Boys Wins in Power Lifting

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UHV Baseball facing Trinity University tonight at Riverside. In the top of the sixth inning, Tigers Jake Martin would hit a fly ball into right field that would drop. It lead to a run. Trinity up 1-0.

In the top of the seventh, Tigers Joey Pecoraro hits a three run homer to extend the lead 4-0. UHV Chase Almendarez with a double into center field in the bottom of the seventh. Jags would get two on base however neither would score. UHV loses 6-0. UHV committed five errors and left five on base. UHV will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow at noon. 

UHV Softball in Fort Worth for the Cowtown Classic today. There games against Oklahoma Wesleyan and Texas Wesleyan were canceled because of weather. They finished the tournament 2-1.

Victoria East Boys and Girls competed in Tidehaven Power Lifting Meet. Victoria East Boys finished in first place. Jonathan Zelaya was awarded Outstanding Lifter for the meet. He squatted 585 pounds, benched 320 pounds, and deadlifted 540 pounds.

Jonathan Oviedo finished in 1st place in the 198 pound division. Christian Oviedo came in first as well.

East Girls finished the meet in third place. Alexandra Poventud finished in first place. Tiara Steele and Mackenzie Sneath finished second in their division class. 

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