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Faith Academy's New Multi-Million Dollar Gym

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Faith Academy's new gym officially opened last Friday night with a Cougars basketball game. The Nextgen Center cost $2.3 million to build and is located next to Faith Family Church on Mockingbird. The center was supposed to open last fall, but two things happened, both related to Harvey. The gym did have water damage to the floor but the damage has been repaired. The new gym was also used to house Samaritan's Purse volunteers. About 75-150 volunteers stayed nightly in the new gym over a three and a half month period. The Nextgen Center will also be used for their weekly junior high and high school student ministry services and events. Said Faith Academy superintendent and secondary principal Larry Long, "Since Mockingbird is more centrally located we feel more people will be able to come and see the games. Also we doubled our seating from our previous gym." Said Faith Academy athletic director and secondary campus pastor Gil Gonzalez, "It'll benefit us tremendously. Now we're talking about the elementary kids here at this campus being able to work on their fundamentals every day. When they get to junior high and high school, they're already fundamentally sound. We can just continue to teach them and play the game." Faith Academy boys basketball's next game in their new gym comes Friday night against St. Joe.

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