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Residents Still Struggling with Harvey Insurance Claims

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The recovery process after a hurricane can be grueling. One woman, who still needs to make repairs to her home and is unable to do so as her insurance company will not cover all damages.

Home Owner Gloria Martinez is still reeling with the effects of Harvey almost five months later. Her home was left with damages to her roof, chimney, a/c and her fence along with a ceiling leak. When she had her insurance adjustor looked at the damages, the company was only willing to pay for half of the roof.

"Well they came and looked at our roof, and we were told that we only needed half a roof, which I didn't understand when all of it needs repairs. They missed the part when it was leaking, and they looked it and said it was fine. But, really my husband had already gone up there and patched it so we didn't get leaks in our house,"said Martinez. 

There was no acknowledgment by the insurance company of any other damage besides the roof and the fence. The company cut a check for $7,000, leaving Martinez wondering why she isn't being covered for the entire project.

"That's not going to cover it...I don't want half a roof.  We need to have the whole roof done. We had other people come and look, and said we needed to redo the entire roof. So, I'm just waiting to see if they'll help us fix a whole roof, and not half a roof," said Martinez. 
With Martinez and her husband being retired, there is not extra money lying around to fix all of these damages in her home.
Martinez is receiving help from a public insurance adjustor, James Matysek,  to help her with her claims to the insurance company.
"We will just wait and see if they're going to give us more money to take care of it, or they're just going to leave it like that, which is not right. 

By law, residents have two years to dispute their claims. Matysek residents should have their home inspected more that once. 
Martinez is hoping after another inspection by her insurance company, she will get the money to fix the rest of the house.

If you think you have more damage in your home, get a professional to give you a bid, and you can submit it to the insurance company.
Another option is to reach out to the public insurance adjustor to help you settle your insurance claims and disputes. 

For more information, you can call Matysek at 512-657-4099 or email him at reviewmyclaim@gmail.com. 
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