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Neighbor remembers the Inez couple found dead

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We are currently following a heartbreaking story out of Inez about an elderly couple found dead inside of their home.
The case is currently on going and foul play has yet to be factored out.
I spent the day in Inez speaking with neighbors about the deceased couple.
"They are very kind Christian people,'" adds neighbor.
The names of the elderly couple given by a neighbor were Walter Brown and Bobby Brown.
That same neighbor describes what they meant to her.
"For I know he was the kindest person, I would literally talk to them everyday..everyday we talked and there just the kindest possible neighbors," explains the neighbor.
She considers the couple to be her best friends and is extremely distraught about their passing.
The resident explains her day to day interactions with the pair.
" Everyday when they walked their dogs, I would walk my dogs with them too. And they just been real kind neighbors for many years," says the neighbor.
The neighbor wants the community to remember one big thing.
"I just want everybody to remember the elderly. Remember your parents. Remember your grandparents. I truly believe that they were very lonely, they were lonely people. And the elderly. People should take care of their parents and their grandparents and not forget about them," pleads the neighbor.
The investigation is still ongoing and we are waiting to get more information from the Sheriffs Office.
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