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Victoria Public Library holds unique monthly event

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The Victoria Public Library holds a monthly event aimed at allowing people in our community to experience something that they haven't before.
Its Maker Monday at the Victoria Public Library and staff invites people of all ages to come out, and experience all different types of activities.

The Victoria Public Library held Maker Monday which gives people hands on experience with different activities monthly.
Organizer Katherine Henely tells me what Maker Mondays are all about.
"To kind of celebrate the concept of making. Making is bringing something into existence whether its using technology, or something recycled, or it might be a visual art or craft. Its an opportunity for families to come together and make things," says Katherine Henley, organizer.
Some of the activities included building and programing a lego robot, hand knitting a scarf, and watching a 3-d printer in action to bring your designs to life.
Henely adds what she hopes everyone learns from Maker Mondays.
"One of our library's goals which is express creativity to give everyone the chance to learn skills and hobbies.
Parents say what they hope their children take away from this event.

"You really have to use your brain to make little things out of all these different pieces here so it stimulates her..thats the good thing about coming here," explains Luis Lopez, grandparent.

"i hope she takes away a good hobby..something to do at home and grow from. And come back again and keep learning," adds Rosa Braune, parent.
For one child she explains to me her favorite thing at Maker Monday

"the Legos," tells Erica Lopez, participant.
In addition to the monthly Maker Monday's, located on the library's website, Henley encourages residents to check out their robotics club.
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