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Empowering Speech Inspires Local Woman to Speak out on Harassment

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Domestic violence is a topic that many women don't feel comfortable enough to discuss in public. But, after Oprah's speech following her acceptance of the Cecil B. DeMille award at the Golden Globes on Sunday, a woman in Victoria felt empowered to share her experience.
"A new day is on the horizon" were the inspiring words Oprah shared on the stage of the Golden Globes, which caught the attention of Domestic Violence survivor Blanca Jimenez. 
And it was a new day for Jimenez, after watching Oprah's empowering speech speaking out on harassment. Jimenez decided today, she will be silent no more.
"Watching the speech yesterday just everything I had suppressed for 21 years had decided to come out. I've known the man for 50 years, that is when I became his victim," said Jimenez. 
But a victim she is not, Jimenez is not letting her past define her, she's looking ahead.
"But it hurt me, and it has destroyed my life til today but I have goals and dreams and he is not in that equation," said Jimenez. 
Her dream of making a Las Vegas travel website catered to the Hispanic population, that she's had to put on hold for several years, but now with her abuser out of her life, she is able to finally have her life back.
"I decided to make a Spanish magazine. Well, I had a son that became bipolar. I had to make a choice, and put my dream away, but I finished it. I took care, conquered, learned the disease ,mental illness. I want to pursue my dream again. I think I can make a  fabulous web page," said Jimenez. 
Jimenez hopes this movement will inspire more women to speak out.
"So for every fall, you get back up, and that's where I'm at now," said Jimenez. 
Jimenez will continue to focus on achieving her goals, and taking care of her beloved grandson.
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