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18 Wheeler accident shuts down parts of Hwy 59

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An accident involving an eighteen wheeler shut down parts of Highway 59 early this morning.

The accident occurred at around 10:30 AM. Traffic was backed up for miles as the Texas Department of Public Safety worked to clear an eighteen wheeler off Highway 59 heading toward Laredo. Officials say Archie Sanders, the driver of the trailer, was traveling southbound towards the Hwy 59 Laredo exit when he drifted into the left lane. Sanders then attempted to drive back into the right lane and over corrected, causing the eighteen wheeler to skid, rollover and eventually come to a rest in both lanes. Parts of the truck and debris were spilled across the highway because of the accident. However, officials say the eighteen wheeler's cargo container did not break open, saving DPS crews from additional clean up time. The driver was taken to Citizens Medical Center.  His condition is unknown at this time. 

Officials say DPS crews took over two hours to clear the eighteen wheeler before traffic could resume normal operations. The accident is still under investigation.

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