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Days Gone Bye rebounding from Hurricane Harvey

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Victoria - Days Gone Bye is a unique gift shop located in the Five Points Area at 508 North Moody. The building sustained extensive damage during Hurricane Harvey. 

The boutique gave an update on its Facebook page and plans to re-open soon. Roof work begins in about a week.

Pat McDonald with Days Gone Bye said the business considers itself fortunate compared to other properties that sustained more severe damage. Along with some frustrations with the insurance claim Days Gone Bye was struggling during its peak selling season of Christmas. 

"We had no plans to contemplate closing our store before the hurricane hit, and trying to work through the aftermath was difficult, said McDonald. "Had we had all of our inventory destroyed, as some did, we would not have had to deal with removal to keep it at its best."

Days Gone Bye placed many items on clearance to downsize its inventory as it would have to move some merchandise to storage as the roof was replaced.  

"When I viewed the building inside and out, I did not realize how the hurricane fully affected it. Quite frankly, it was very discouraging to hear I had to take my “undamaged inventory” out of the building we own and store it while a tar roof was being taken off and a new one put back on," McDonald said. 

Days Gone Bye plans to celebrate soon with Girl Scout Cookies and complimentary coffee or hot tea in its new Tea Room.

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