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UHV Men's Soccer's Historic 2017

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Our top local sports stories for 2017 continue with UHV men's soccer.
UHV men's soccer had high hopes when workouts started in August. The Jaguars' head coach, even then, saw something special. Said head coach Adrian Rigby, "The biggest thing for us is that we noticed that this was a group that really enjoyed being around each other. It was a tight group right from day one, which was a good indicator of the bond they would have with the time off they would have due to Harvey." Then came Harvey, and the Jaguars had to cancel pre-season scrimmages and their first games. Said coach Rigby, "We were just fortunate to have the season in general. We weren't sure what we were coming back to with the hurricane, but for us any time lost was made up real quick with the guys just working hard and had a great attitude when they came back."
Despite those setbacks, UHV men's soccer had its greatest season ever. The Jaguars won their first Red River conference championship, then won their first Red River conference tournament title. That put the UHV men in the NAIA national tournament for the first time, and they had their first NAIA All-America player in Espen Hansen. Said coach Rigby, "We just kept on building momentum as we went and it really didn't matter who we were playing. I thought we had a good chance to win every game and at the end of the year, going into the conference tournament, we were just full of confidence. That's why we won both games 2-0. There's a lot of groups that we've had before this that may have been more talented but this group just wanted it."

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