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Riverside Stadium Closer Look

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Here is your first close-up look at Riverside Stadium since it was flooded by Harvey in August. This is Riverside Stadium, now 70 years old. Now for a first look inside Riverside Stadium since Harvey. General G.M. Mike Yokum had these comments. "The turf looks fine when you look at it. But when you get down on the turf you see a lot of mud packed down in it. It's too difficult to actually get that all cleaned out. It's cheaper to actually replace it. You have to replace it because the turf will never play properly. It will be too hard and you won't be able to get the baseball effect out of it.' These are the outfield wall signs. They're metal signs that Harvey decided didn't need to be up anymore.Looks like we lost three of them that came down off the outfield wall. Main grandstand looks in pretty good shape.We'll need to do  painting just to spruce it up a little bit. Structuraly everything is fine. You can see the ceiling fans took a beating in there and will all be replaced. Locker rooms took in about eight inches of water. This has been power-washed and cleaned and is in pretty good shape. They probably need to hit it one more time with a power washer and should be pretty well good to go. Mike, how bad was it here in the concession stand when you first got here a month ago and how much better does it look now? It was really deep mud through here. It had dried because it had been some time since Harvey had come through.It was power washed once and as you can see it'll need to be hit again, maybe even a third time. This is probably the area that took on the most damage, with the exception of the turf. A lot of effort's been put into this. The city's done a great job allowing us to come in. we'll be putting together a group as we get into January to volunteer and get some painting and cleaning done so we can have this back up and running and ready to go for UHV baseball."
The city of Victoria plans to have the new field turf installed in Riverside Stadium by January 13.

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