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Congressman Farenthold Announces 2017 App Challenge Winner

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WASHINGTON –  Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-Texas) issued the following statement Thursday to announce the winner of the Congressional App Challenge for the 27th District of Texas:

“Congratulations to Christian Bertoni, a junior at Hallettsville High School for winning the 2017 Congressional App Challenge for the 27th District of Texas,” said Congressman Farenthold. “Christian’s app, ‘The States Game,’ is a great way for young children to learn about the 50 states that make up our nation in a fun, easy manner. As a former computer professional myself, I can appreciate the hard work Christian put into writing and debugging his code until the app ran smoothly.”

To view Christian’s app, “The States Game,” please click here.

Background: The Congressional App Challenge (CAC) was created because Congress recognized that STEM and computer-based skills are essential for economic growth and innovation, and that the U.S. must continue to lead on these fronts. By some estimates, the U.S. may be short by many as a million programmers by 2020. App development jobs are high-paying and in demand. To maintain American competitiveness, it’s crucial that the United States invests in our youth now, and helps them acquire these valuable skills. The CAC encourages students to pursue those skills and recognizes them for their efforts. For more information on the Congressional App Challenge, click here.

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