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Pay It Forward 12-7-17

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It’s Pay it Forward Thursday, Victoria and we’re excited to be out because today marks our three-year-anniversary.  We’ve given out $46,800 dollars straight with this program, and the whole idea behind this program is to do something good in the community for others, and we hope you’re doing it as well.

Tonya, thank you for stopping today on this cold, windy day.  Here’s the 300 dollars, and tell us what you’d like to do with the money!  I’d like to give it to First Baptist Church for repairs to be made to their church after Hurricane Harvey devastated their roof and their sanctuary.  I know they do a lot of good things at their church and how about we head out in our truck and go over there and Pay it Forward!


We’re here at the First Baptist Church sanctuary where Tonya decided to give the money away and so Tonya, take it away!  On behalf of Atzenhoffer Chevrolet and Newscenter 25, I’d like to give First Baptist this 300 dollars.  Thank you!  God bless you!  So Pastor Jim, tell us how the church can use the money.  We can apply it immediately to the roof.  The roofers will be here next week repairing the damage that we received during Hurricane Harvey so we’ll be glad to do that!


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