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Weed Activist Running for Texas Governor to Re-legalize

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Yvette Gbalazeh, cannabis activist known for using her “Will Rap 4 Weed” sign to change policies, is running for Texas Governor in 2018 to re-legalize Weed. The University of Texas Political Science Poll 2017 states that 18 million Texans want cannabis re-legalized, whether it’s for religious freedom, medical use, or recreational use. Yes, 18 million Texans want relegalization. Gbalazeh reminds us, “Only 2 million people voted for the current Texas Governor in the last race. But 18 million or 83% of Texans want CANNABIS LEGALIZED, and we’re not getting it. It doesn't matter what the topic is, when 83% of us want something we should have it. Topics like: Debt, Opioid Abuse, Support for Veterans, Fracking, Immigration, Transgender Bathrooms, Health Care, Poverty, and reducing Violence are all issues Texans face. None of those issues are going to be addressed if the biggest issue that 83% of us want is being ignored. So I’m running in the 2018 Texas Gubernatorial race to represent 83% of Texans. I can’t do this from the couch. I have to be in the race standing next to the Governor to force the issue. As a full time activist, I know there are a lot of important issues Texans have other than cannabis legalization. Thankfully, revenue from cannabis legalization helps solve a lot of them.” Since filing to run in July 2017, Gbalazeh has gathered more than 50,000 pledges for the Official Petition beginning March 7, 2018 - June, 2018.

You can learn more about Gbalazeh’s campaign by visiting Facebook.com/TXHumanBill.

Gbalazeh’s Thoughts on the Governor’s Job

“Although proud of my past, it doesn’t matter what my race, gender, religion or opinions are when I am here to do a job, simply passing laws Texans want passed, and holding unlimited special sessions to force joint resolutions for Texans to choose what Texans want. I won’t be making the decisions, Texans will. I’m just collecting data and giving the majority what the majority wants.”

-Yvette Gbalazeh

My Bio

People are interested in my background, so my Father is a Medical Doctor and Lawyer. My Mother is a retired Registered Nurse and owned a gourmet restaurant I managed while I was a kid. Both parents are remarried. I have one sister Yvonne, she played in the Final Four for Stanford Women’s Basketball. She runs marathons for kids with Leukemia, went to Wharton Business School, interned at Lehman Brothers, and became an investment banker. We both went to Our Lady of Victory private elementary school, raised Roman Catholic.

Born in Victoria, Texas on March 27, 1981, I started college courses at 16 years old, and walked on to the University of Houston competition cheer squad at the age of 17 as a tumbler.

I was diagnosed with an eating disorder and OCD in my youth and received treatment at Charter Hospital in Corpus Christi in 1998, where my eating disorder specialist recommended cannabis. I was dying and Charter Hospital saved my life. I was able to get out of college with an Associates Degree in the Arts, majoring in Psychology. I was sick and couldn’t stay well with my medicine as a student at U of H. It was against the law.

I earned my black belt in Tae kwon do from my 2nd father, Master Ralph Jaschke. He is beating cancer. The Might for Right in my life is shaped by Ralph. In my 20’s I worked so many jobs/gigs, mainly in the service industry and entertainment. A lover of the arts, the music world pulled me in through a group called Whodini. They shaped me to be an activist and use the power of my words to make positive change.

Living in Cut-N-Shoot, Texas on McRae Lake with my dog for 3 years, and learned to live on solar panels and natural water. The community helped me find myself after leaving an abusive situation. I re-learned the Bible as an adult and started my vow of poverty and celibacy. In 2006 I hit the road to California and entered Hollywood blvd. with my new vows, finding immediate success as an activist serving others, instead of an entertainer just serving self.

In California, I learned that I’m an intelligent person who has a lot to give to society. I am a patient, not a criminal. I have a lot to offer my community and needed to maximize that. I’m not a throw away just because I take medicine to be productive. Cops and civilians were getting along. I saw people thriving who would be dying and in prison in Texas. I had to help Texans get this peace and prosperity. I came home, kissed the ground outside of the airport, and got out my sign that read “Will Rap 4 Weed”.

Creating awareness to decriminalize began in Houston, TX. Getting the approval of Houston Mayor Annise Parker resulted in news coverage and a documentary by Rice University on my work. This media attention made the decriminalization policy I was promoting so popular that I was able to make it the platform for both DA’s running for office, resulting in the current successful decriminalization of Harris County.

Seeing activism works, I moved to Dallas to decriminalize, which took 3 1/2 years. During this time I enrolled at Oaksterdam University learned everything about cannabis, earning valedictorian of my class.

After a decade of living in the Texas Legislative Process, and studying the political climate, I see an opportunity to legalize in 2018 and fine tune Texas to be how the majority of Texans want Us to be. I know one person can really change a law or policy.

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