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Victoria County Sheriff's Office and Resident recognize Deputy Alfred Garza

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The Victoria County Sheriff's Office is sharing some nice words about one of its deputies. 

In a Facebook Post Thursday morning, the Office recognized Deputy Alfred Garza. It says on Wednesday morning, Garza was on his way to Howell Middle School where he is a Resource Deputy, when he saw Victoria I.S.D. student walking in the cold rain. 

He stopped and took the student to class. He learned the student did not have a jacket due to a move caused by Hurricane Harvey. Deputy Garza made sure the student had a warm coat to take home. 

The post includes the comments by a social media user who witnessed the heartwarming incident first-hand. "He put his lights on, stopped traffic, picked up the child and took the child to school," the post reads.

Here's the VCSO Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/VCSOTexas/.

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