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Wind Indicator Changing Direction Of Hunting

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The winds direction seems like a concept that wouldn't have much impact on our lives. However, it's impact is wide ranging.

"Sometimes when the wind isn't detectable," Jim Angott said, "then that's when the Cirrus shines. That's where what what we invented really truly helps everybody."

Local inventor, Jim Angott, created the Cirrus Wind Indicator to revolutionize the way that hunters approach hunting, and according to some of his customers, the product is addicting.

"If you start hunting with a Cirrus..I promise you, you almost can't go into the woods without it," Angott said.

The hand held re-chargeable device sends a puff of vapor into the air from a battery sized capsule to detect the faintest wind movement. Hunters in different regions are utilizing the product.

In a side-by-side comparison of the powder hunters typically use, compared to the Cirrus, the differences were obvious. The powder faded away quickly, while the vapor from the Cirrus Wind Indicator remained visible for significantly longer

"We have people in Maryland, Maine, all the way to Northern California. We've shipped product as far as Holland, I mean all over the world, Germany...France," Angott said.

Another benefit to Angott's invention, was the addition of three scents; earth, pine and acorn. The scents are utilized in different parts of the country depending on what you are hunting.

Though Cirrus Outdoors is still only in its first year, Jim says a newer version is set to be released in a matter of weeks.

"We keep advancing our technology, we're not sitting still with just this little wind checker," the inventor described. "We're able to develop the technology into that package and bring you a multifunction tool."

Hunters aren't the only ones utilizing the wind checker. Heating and air conditioning technicians are using the device to check for wind flow and leaks. K-9 units are employing the device to assist their dogs and you might even spot it the next time you're at the airport.

"We're actually involved with the TSA now across the country," the Cirrus Outdoors president said. "TSA agents use it for their agents as well. We're all over LAX, the largest K-9 handling group out of California at the LAX airport. We support Miami-Dade Police, which you can imagine the drugs and everything that comes through the Miami ports  and things like that so Miami-Dade is using Cirrus."

From making their first dollar nearly a year ago, to now being stocked in stores like Cabelas, the Cirrus Wind Indicator means a great deal to Jim Angott and his family. It's a legacy that will live on for years to come.

"To see your dad's look on his face and seeing that thing there, you know it was pretty cool. It was a little choked up moment of course but yeah it's pretty neat," Angott said with a chuckle.

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