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Victoria Chamber of Commerce honor members, ambassadors during awards luncheon

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The Victoria Chamber of Commerce held it's annual awards ceremony luncheon today for it's members and ambassadors. 

The Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the work and efforts chamber members and ambassadors gave to Victoria businesses this year. Over seventy members, as well as ambassadors and city officials, were in attendance to have lunch and honor deserving members with awards. Chamber President Randy Vivian explains this year's awards ceremony is special because of everything Victoria has gone through, including Hurricane Harvey.

"It's just a chance for us to get together and celebrate the holidays. For this year especially, it has a lot of meaning because of everything that we've been through this year. So, I'm just excited to be able to do it and do something for our membership."

In total, Randy Vivian says seven awards were handed out to chamber members and ambassadors during the ceremony for the work they did. Below is the entire list of award winners and the name of the awards:

  • Chamber Committee Chair of the Year – Dr. Gregory Bonewald (Education Committee)

  • Victoria Friendly Customer Service Award – Chick-fil-A

  • Victoria Chamber Ambassadors – Linda Hawes Memorial Rookie of the Year – Alicia Alvarez

  • Victoria Chamber Lifetime Ambassador – Jean Hahn

  • Victoria Chamber Ambassador Honorary Member – Dr. Josie Riveria

  • Victoria Ambassador of the Quarter – Brie Hanchett

  • Rotary Outstanding Citizen Award – Robert Leob

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