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VISD Football Teams To Stay In Same District

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The UIL, releasing conference cutoff numbers Wednesday. These are the enrollment numbers from the high schools that will be used in realignment and reclassification on February 1. These numbers show that East and West will stay in the same district the next two years, and they'll be in 5A Division I. Schools turned in enrollment numbers in October, and at that time East had an enrollemnt of 2015 students, West was at 1862. The cutoff number for 5A Division I is 1840, so the Warriors make Division I by 22 students. These numbers also mean two things for Calhoun. One, it will not be in the same district as the VISD high schools. Two, the Sandcrabs will barely stay 5A. The UIL cutoff number for 5A DII is 1150. Calhoun athletic director Richard Whitaker told me the enrollment number they turned in back in October, 1167. Calhoun stays 5A by 17 students. Coach Whitaker told me that probably means Calhoun will again be the smallest school in whatever district it's in come February 1. Calhoun is the smallest high school in 27-5A by about 500 students. But, coach Whitaker says the Division II enrollment numbers will be fairer to them, since the top number is 1830, which is lower than the overall 5A number the past two years.  

The numbers are as follows:

6A - 2,190 & up
5A D1 - 1,840-2,189
5A D2 - 1,150-1,830
4A D1 - 790-1,149
4A D2 - 505-789
3A D1 - 335-504
3A D2 - 225-334
2A D1 - 161.5-224
2A D2 - 105-161.4
1A D1 - 55.5-104.9
1A D2 - 55 & below

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