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City Council pushes back decision

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Tonight's City Council met to discuss different items including the possible renaming of a Victoria street.
But what street possibly seeing changes is still a mystery.
Tonight at the city council meeting, one of the hottest items on the agenda was whether to change a street name to honor Martin Luther King Jr or not.
"We don't have a specific street yet, we are going to look at probably a variety of streets that would most appropriately fit., says Paul Polasek, Mayor.
Mayor Polasek says the reason why this came up on the agenda is because a resident voiced his opinion.
"Victor Marshall came forward and requested it, and i think it was very appropriate. I think we need to look into it and think it out very carefully," states Polasek.
I asked Polasek when will they will start the renaming process of the chosen street.
"maybe late spring we will have a decision," replies Polasek.
Mayor Polasek understands the importance of commemorating of a beloved figure like Martin Luther King Jr.
" I think its appropriate to find a street to honor his legacy," adds Polasek.
There are streets named after Martin Luther King Jr in San Antonio, Austin, and Houston.
City council decided to push back their vote and bring this topic to their next meeting on December 16th for a decision.
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