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Dish Network upgrading to High Definition for Victoria Television networks

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Starting tomorrow, Dish Network subscribers in Victoria will be able to see Victoria Television programming in full high definition. This will include the local NBC, ABC, CBS and FOX channels. Dish network had previously broadcast our local stations in standard definition. All dish network subscribers should expect the upgrade to occur tomorrow before Newscenter 25 at six. 

Victoria Television General Manager Jeff Pryor says Dish Network has been transmitting the local networks in standard definition for "ever since they carried us." He added that while the four major American networks will be upgraded to high definition, other Victoria Television networks, such as Cozi and Telemundo, are currently not carried by Dish Network. The upgrade from standard definition to high definition will be done automatically, so Dish Network subscribers will not need to purchase any new equipment in order to receive the upgrade. The upgrade will convert all four major networks from 480i resolution to 1080i resolution. While FOX broadcasts their content in 720p, Victoria Television will up convert the signal to 1080i to meet uniform broadcast standards. 

Dish Network subscribers can expect new and great content in the future that they will be able to see in high definition. This Thursday will be the first high definition broadcast of Thursday Night Football on NBC, giving Dish Network subscribers the opportunity to see a high profile NFC South division match-up featuring the New Orleans Saints versus the Atlanta Falcons in all its high definition glory. Subscribers will also have the opportunity to witness the the 2018 Winter Olympics this February as well as Super Bowl 52 in high definition, only on NBC. Finally, Dish Network subscribers will have the opportunity to witness the 60th Grammy award show live on January 28th, 2018. The show will be broadcast on CBS, giving subscribers their first chance to witness the show in high definition. 

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