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Refugio Church Seeking Assistance After Extensive Harvey Damage

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A church in Refugio is still trying to recover their small congregation several months after Harvey.

The Saints Memorial Church of God in Christ was impacted by the hurricane, and is  facing almost $40,000  in damages.

"I had a moment where all I could do is cry after seeing the damages at the church, knowing the work that myself and the congregation had put into making modern repairs and renovations  to the building," said Pastor Darius Robertson.

The small church doesn't have any insurance, and will have to pay for repairs completely out of pocket.

"This church represents hope to this community. This church as been in this community for 87 years, and we want to continue that ministry in Refugio, Texas," said Robertson.

The roof needs to be replaced, windows are shattered, and water damage has left parts of the ceiling missing. Luckily, their sanctuary suffered minor damages and the congregation can still hold services. The fellowship hall is the building that faced the most damages, and is not open to the members at this time.

Pastor Darius Robertson says the church cannot afford to pay for anymore repairs, and are seeking donations.

Several members of the congregation were displaced from their homes, and are now living as far as San Antonio.
With the majority of Refugio residents being affected by Harvey, the church is having a hard time trying to recover themselves.

"Not only do we have damage here, but 80% of the residents in Refugio had damages to their personal homes. It's been very difficult to ask people to do more, and really help the church knowing that outside the church their personal homes and personal lives were affected as well," said Robertson.

Pastor Robertson says he is currently in the process of planning some fundraisers, and have also opened a GoFundMe  to help get their church back to its normal state.

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