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Boys and Girls Club of Dewitt complete renovations, add new programs

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The Boys and Girls Club of Dewitt County is completing renovations and introducing new programs for their kids this week.

The club received a $296,000 grant over a three year period in 2015, allowing them to renovate their building and overhaul their programs. The renovations, completed Tuesday November 28th, include rebuilding their main hall, math and science labs and building a new theater stage. The main hall received a brand new paint job, an upgraded and improved ceiling and new sound proof walls to make the hall more "kid-friendly". The math lab received a new work station and flooring while the Science lab had their cement floors re-done. The club also plans to expand their fine arts program to inspire their kid's creativity. Finally, they have added brand new toys, games and books so the kids can continue to play and learn with new resources. Program Director Megan Boehl says even though renovations are complete, they have no plans to stop improving.

"No, no, there's no stopping. It'll be a... Everyday is a new day and we're just keeping going and try to build and just make it the best we can everyday. I don't think there is a stopping point."

The Boys and Girls Club of Dewitt County will receive their final round of grant funding for renovations and programs in 2018. They have not decided yet what they plan to do with the final grant funding. 

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