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Drones Bring Added Safety to DeWitt County

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In an effort to bring a safer environment to DeWitt County, the Sheriff's office is unveiling a new drone project.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Carl Bowen presented their new Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project.

This is a result of a five-year study, to see if aerial aviation could be possible in DeWitt County.

Bowen says this is a viable project, and will be no cost to the tax payer.

These drones come with a price tag of 30,000 dollars, and Bowen is using money from their forfeiture funds account and donations from local organizations, such as Devon Energy, to bring this latest piece of technology to DeWitt County.

Bowen says the main benefit for DeWitt county is knowing that their officers will be better protected.

"Some of these conditions are very dangerous for them to go in alone. That's where the drone comes in to be their eyes in the sky to watch over the," said Bowen.  

These two new drones have already been used, and were instrumental in assessing Hurricane Harvey damage in the county.
"So, they could make an accurate assessment of things they need to do address. We were able to do that and we were able to put this drone in a place that would be too dangerous for workers," said Bowen.
The drones will provide safety in surveillance operation and fugitive apprehensions.

Bowen said these drones will also be available for the fire department fire, ems, and police to use in the county.
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