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El Campo Public Works submitting application for bridge repair Thursday

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The El Campo Public Works department will submit their application to repair or replace a local bridge this Thursday.

The Pinchot Street bridge project will be submitted this Thursday to El Campo city council, where they will make a final decision on the project. El Campo Public Works says the bridge has needed repairs for some time. Director Kevin Thompson says the project, if approved, will be funded using community grant funding from the state that was allocated for rain damage from 2015. He also added work on the bridge is not only important, it may be necessary because of its age. 

"Anytime that we can have an opportunity to improve any transportation, drainage, sewer lines, water lines we'll take them. This is a bridge that will be needing complete replacement in the near future anyway. So, anytime we can apply for these monies that are free to us as a community, we're going to go for it."

Director Thompson predicts the project will take several years to complete, if approved by city council. If the project is approved this Thursday, the council will still have to determine whether they can secure funding for the project and how much money will go towards the repairs. 

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