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Giving Tuesday makes a difference at UHV

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Giving Tuesday is a national event that kicks off the charitable season of giving. University of Houston- Victoria held their giving Tuesday event today in Jaguar hall.

"We encourage all of our faculty,staff, students, over 18,000 alumni and community supporters to give back to UHV with a donation of any size. Whatever they can give back makes a difference," says Kira Mudd, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving.
Mudd tells me what the money raised will be used for.
"Some people are donating money to our student food pantry, some people might make a donation to one of the schools at the university. Whether it be school of business, school of education or school of Arts and sciences. Some people give back to general scholarship funds or athletics," explains Mudd.
I spoke with students on what made them give today.

"Helping out students who are here for their education and not everyone is fortunate enough to have what some others do so you know giving back as little as you can or as much as you can is really helpful," says Kevin Cortez, student.
"It's a time to give and I'm really religious and I love God and I know he would want me to give back to my community and my school," explains Viviana Yzquierdo, student.
UHV wants to leave the community with a message.

"I just want to say thank you to everyone who has donated or who wants to donate later on. You are really helping the future of the university and the students here," says Marilisa, student.
Mudd encourages everyone to give two dollars for this event.
Every time someone donates 2 dollars to the pantry, that allows the food pantry to afford up to 10 pounds of food.
Mudd also tells me the campaign ends at 11:59 and you can give at uhvconnect.org.
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